How to reach us:


from bus station, Tram number 2

~~If you arrive by bus to Zagreb, to the hostel Chameleon is the simplest and cheapest to reach the Zagreb tram (buy a ticket at a kiosk, price 12 HRK), followed by a short walk through the center of Zagreb.

Across the street from the bus station take tram in two directions, and you need a tram number 6 or 2 in the direction of Črnomerec.

If you enter the tram number 2, get off at the fourth stop and you will be at the main railway station from where you can continue on foot to the center of the square of Nikola Subic Zrinski, go to the street and at Erste Bank, turn left onto Peter Berislavića.

Continue straight Berislavićevom Street, cross the intersection with Gajeva Street and continue straight on to the street Petra Preradovića where you turn left and go another hundred meters to number 25, where the hostel Chameleon.


How to reach us from bus station, Tram number 2