How to reach us:


from bus station, Tram number 6

If you arrive by bus to Zagreb, it is easiest and cheapest to get to the hostel Chameleon by the Zagreb tram (buy a ticket at a kiosk, price 12 HRK), followed by a short walk through the center of Zagreb.

Across the street from the bus station, tram goes in two directions, and you need the tram number 6 or 2 in the direction of Črnomerec.

If you enter the tram number 6, the sixth stop down and you will be on the main square Ban Josip Jelacic. Continue on foot via Ilica street in the same direction as the tram goes, and at less than 100 meters, turn left into Margaretska street which takes you to the famous Cvjetni trg or Petra Preradovica Square. Continue straight trough Preradovićeva street for about 300 meters and on the left side at number 25 there is hostel Chameleon.


How to reach us from bus station, Tram number 6