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We are happy to present our newly renovated hostel Chameleon, located in the center of Zagreb, in an ideal location to explore the city as you just a few minutes walk away from the real center of Zagreb.

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Our goal is to provide you with a second home in the heart of Zagreb, where you can relax, have fun, taste and explore the charm of our beautiful city. When decorating the hostel we are guided by the vision of a Chameleon, so each room is decorated in a different color, and you can choose your favorite color in which you feel most comfortable.

Our mission is to maximally adapt to your needs and wishes, with a flexible approach to every guest, to make your stay with us, stay in the best possible memories.


About hostel

In the center of Zagreb, hostel Chameleon is located in one of the most famous streets in Zagreb, which is named after the great Croatian patriotic poet Petar Preradović, whose name carries the most famous square in Zagreb, known also as the Flower Square.

The hostel is located at Preradoviceva 25, on the ground floor of the courtyard entrance to the building, which is located in the area of ​​historic urban ensemble of the City of Zagreb and is managed as a cultural heritage of Croatia.

Special attention was given during the planning of the hostel, to make your stay as pleasant as possible and remained in your memory, and for this reason we connected the richness of colors of nature and city life in a single unit, in which we were helped by  academic painter Mrs. Jadranka Mandic who works via association Syart. We tried to convey the beauty and warmth that exudes in the hostel with paintings, but you will get the best picture when you visit us and see for yourself.

We look forward to seeing you!

The main train station
600 m
Bus station
2,5 km
14 km
Tram station
400 m
Public garage
300 m
Taxi stand
100 m
Shopping center
300 m
Exchange office
300 m
200 m
>Ban Jelacic Square
400 m
Dolac Market
450 m

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Hostel in Zagreb Center